Wedding veils are making a come back!

Over 65% of brides-to-be are opting to wear a veil when they get married, and no doubt if you are reading this blog you are thinking about wearing one too. 

However there is a lot to consider when choosing your veil, so to keep it simple here are our top tips for picking your perfect wedding veil:

All About the Dress

Never has there been so much focus on what to wear! Once you have decided on your wedding dress you can customise your veil to match; if you have an embellished bust panel or cut away back detail for example, you might like to accentuate this with a shorter veil or a single sheer tier. The embellishment on your dress will also influence the decorative finish you chose for your wedding veil, whether sparkly or pearly we can customise something to suit your gown.

The cathedral length veil is one of our most popular designs, both Kate and Pippa Middleton wore this full-length veil at their wedding and we see this reflected in our customer purchases too. This veil can be worn full and lacy for a traditional look, or straight and sleek for a more contemporary feel.

Fingertip length veils are very versatile and look great with most wedding dresses, while a cheeky shoulder length veil works well with the ever popular 1950’s vintage style dress.

Aside from the style of your dress, you will also need take to into account your height, body type and wedding destination:

Body Beautiful

·      Tall women look great in a longer veil

·      Shorter women tend to suit veils that are waist length or above

·      If you are hourglass or apple shaped a fingertip, floor or cathedral length veil will elongate your upper body

·      Pear-shaped ladies look best with a shoulder, elbow or waist length veil

·      Fuller figured brides should opt for a single tier, narrow veil

Location, Location, Location

·      The size of your venue and length of aisle will determine how long your veil should be. Longer veils make a fantastic impact in formal or church settings, although you might want to consider requesting the help of your bridesmaids or flower girls to help lay out your veil and navigate tight spaces

·      For rustic, outdoor weddings we recommend a shorter veil to avoid snags and soiling from natural flooring. Shoulder, elbow, fingertip or waist length veils are ideal

·      In windy weather a long veil can be difficult to control, however it will provide some great atmospheric shots for your photo album!

·      If you are lucky enough to have a real summer wedding then a shorter veil will be more comfortable so the layers don’t cling to your skin in hot or humid conditions

For more information on veil lengths and sizes check out our style guide here.


Colour Me Beautiful

Picking the right shade is key so we stock a range of white, ivory, pale ivory or blush pink tulle.

Ivory is very popular and very wearable; flattering on most skin tones and a preferred choice for bridal gowns, this shade looks gorgeous with an ivory pearl or champagne crystal heading.

White veils are incredibly striking, especially when paired with our sparkly Swarovski crystals or marabou feathers. Perfect for a Winter wedding.

And you won’t have missed the recent trend for blush pink wedding dresses so of course we have a veil to match, these look beautiful with anything we put on them and we particularly love a cute shoulder length option.

Click here to view our tulle colour chart, or order one of our complimentary tulle samples to match with your dress.


Finishing Touches

To bling or not to bling

Current bridal fashion is for bejewelled and embellished wedding gowns so you don’t need a heavily adorned veil too. You can opt for a simple, plain veil or customise your heading from a selection of pearl, crystal or marabou trims.

However if you have a special family heirloom you wish to incorporate into the heading we can do that for you too.

Two tiers or one

Our customised veils come in a shaped two tier options but you can select a single tier if you prefer.

Two tiers provides a fuller veil and gives you the option of wearing the shorter layer over your face as you head down the aisle. Just be sure to fix the hair comb high on your head to avoid it clinging to your face and smudging your carefully applied make up!

A single tier looks great as a long narrow veil set low on your head, or as a cooler option for summer weddings.

Hair Today

The last thing to consider when picking your veil is how you want to have your hair:

·      A long or multi-tiered veil works best with a supportive up-do like a bun

·      A half-up hairstyle looks beautiful with fingertip and waist length veils

·      If you are wearing your hair down a shoulder length veil will allow you to show off your locks without swamping you

You also need to consider where you fix the veil on your head; if you have short hair you will need to pin your veil towards the front of your head, however a lot of brides grow their hair out for the big day so they can have it styled in an elaborate up-do. If this is you, your veil will need to be pinned further back and secured with pins. You could also combine it with a tiara or headband, check out our range of complementary hair accessories.

We also offer separate custom made hair combs so that you have matching hair accessories – for yourself or the bridal party, and if you take your veil out you still have a stunning hair do to party away the night with.

Our wedding veils are made with metal combs so that hairpins can be inserted into the teeth for a firmer grip, so no worries about it coming loose as you are whisked around the dance floor by your new husband if you decide to wear your veil all day. It’s going to look great so why not!

You may want to order your veil early so that you can take it with you to your hairdressing trial.

Click here to shop our custom made wedding veils and hair accessories.


Still not sure? We also offer a free consultation service for all our brides, contact us on or 079909 14947 to book your appointment.