Our style guide tips help you select the perfect length veil to complement your wedding gown and body type 

Shoulder length

51cm (20”)

Shoulder length veils are great for showing off an embellished bust panel or back detail on your wedding gown

back of wedding dress

Elbow length

63cm (25")

Elbow length veils work well with romantic ball gown dresses

Elbow length wedding veil

Elbow length wedding veil

Waist length

76cm (30”)

Waist length veils suit most dress styles, especially those without a train

Fingertip length

91cm (36”)

The fingertip veil is a popular length and looks great with all types of wedding gowns

Floor length

183cm (72”)

A floor length veil works well with a full-length gown without a train

Cathedral length

270cm (106”)

Cathedral length veils suit a traditional dress with a train and look great with classic wedding gowns for a dramatic effect. Our longer length veils also accentuate wedding gowns that have an embellished bust panel or back detail that can still be seen through the sheer fabric.