One sunny July many moons ago, a young bride was searching for a simple, stylish wedding veil to complement her bejewelled and sequinned wedding gown. But alas, after searching far and wide she could not find one, and so commissioned a talented seamstress to custom make one. She was delighted, married the man of her dreams and is living happily ever after. 


But that was not the end, for that was the moment a magical partnership was formed and Simple Veils was born. 

At Simple Veils we use the finest quality tulle and gorgeous gemstones to produce hand-made wedding veils for your special day. You can order direct from our custom range or contact us for a tailor made design.

Clear crystal
Pink pearls
Customise your wedding veil with Simple Veils

Customise your wedding veil with Simple Veils

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Did you know? In the middle ages bride‚Äôs wore blue to symbolise their purity. In 1840 however Queen Victoria wore a white, tulle and lace wedding gown; ever since then tulle and white have been synonymous with wedding attire